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Grow beyond what you ever thought possible is going to happen.

Here is how…

Even though you might be doubting yourself right now, you absolutely have what it takes to create the healthy lifestyle you’ve always wanted. 

It may seem big, scary, unattainable….even impossible! But good news, you don’t have to let your fears and doubts get it the way of your dreams and I’m here to help show you how to do it.

With the right mindset and the best support around you, you can achieve things beyond what you thought was possible – and this action plan will help you get closer to your dream sleep and will show you the steps you need to take to make it happen!

Let’s get started

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Creating a personal routine is so crucial in our lives. We are often so busy and there is always something that needs to be solved or taken care of. We rarely find time for ourselves in this busy hectic world. 

But when you have a routine and you know it has a certain effect on you and you know it makes you feel good and is beneficial for you and your health, you start to prioritize it.

These routines are especially important in the morning and in the evening. The morning routine helps you to start your day the right way whereas the evening routine is sooo beneficial for your sleep. Whether you watch a TV or read a book makes a huge difference in your sleep quality.

So, how could your evening routine could look like? (Please note, I am sharing what works for me as an inspiration; everyone’s routine will probably look differently) 

Action to take:

  • Dim the lights to make your bedroom cosy and to let your brain know it is time to release melatonin
  • Have a warm bath or shower to set your body up to the ideal sleep temperature
  • Have herbal tea that promotes sleep
  • Read a book
  • Journal
  • Meditate

Click here to access the Sleep Challenge calendar.


What is around us, affects our mood, thoughts, emotions, and actions immensely.

This is especially true when it comes to sleep and better sleep quality.

If you were to sleep in a room full of distractions, you wouldn’t probably get a good restful sleep.

Ideally, you want to create a calming and relaxing environment in your bedroom – a place where you can instantly feel safe, relaxed, and worries-free

Note that bedroom should be a place only used for sleeping and intimacy.

So, what can you do?

Action to take:

Revise your bedroom and think of something you can add or remove from there to ensure a better sleep for yourself.

SO, WHAT SHOULD YOU FOCUS ON? (This is not an exhaustive list)

  • Cool down the temperature in the bedroom or use air humidifier
  • Get blackout curtains or use sleep masks 
  • Use a comfy mattress and pillow
  • Place a bottle of water close to the bed
  • Use earplugs to reduce external disturbing elements
  • Use white-noise machine if you need a background noise
  • Use comfy bedsheets with your favourite colour or pattern

PRO TIP: If you or your partner suffer from snoring, I would recommend having a look at anti-snoring mouthpiece as these improve the sleep quality immensely.

Click here to access a free checklist.


Lighting and how much light we get throughout the day can massively impact our sleep quality and energy levels.

Getting the right type of light at the right time is crucial for getting the most out of it and use it to our advantage.

Our eyes absorb rays with a certain wavelength and our brain transforms them into signals which then leads to release of chemical into our bodies, also known as hormones.

Ideally, we want to reach the highest levels of sleep hormone melatonin right before we go to bed and conversely, we want to reduce these amounts during the day and increase levels of hormone which is responsible for our alertness – cortisol.

So, when should you get exposed to the artificial light and when is it better to avoid it? 

Action to take:

  • Set a reminder on the phone to dim your lights in the evening to promote melatonin (sleep hormone) release
  • Expose yourself as soon as possible after you wake up in the morning (preferably within first 30-60 minutes). You can create a nice ritual out of it and make it more pleasant- make coffee and take it on the walk with you. 
  • Try to avoid wearing sunglasses in the morning (this would block release of cortisol – our alertness hormone)

HOW LONG SHOULD YOU STAY OUTSIDE? (This is a recommended minimum)

  • 5 minutes on a bright day
  • 10 minutes on a partial cloudy day
  • 30 minutes on a very cloudy day

Click here to access a free worksheet for this exercise.



Meet Lucie

Sleep coach and a pharmacist, lover of good quality music, reading and exploring new placed and cultures. Also, a former trouble sleeper. ..

Hey you...

Thanks for taking the quiz. I am so happy you are here and I cannot wait to see you bring your brilliant future into being!

I have been on this journey for over 5 years but it has not always been fun, purposeful, or fulfilling in the slightest. In fact it has been full of ups and downs – can you relate?

I finally created a coaching program that helps stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted women, where I can help them to improve their sleep quality, after dreaming about it for years. Helping women like me and you get a restful sleep and help them achieve their dream life is what I live for.

My mission is to help women to feel energised and empowered so they can achieve all their dreams and goals and be independent human being who can rely on themselves. It is time to turn your brilliant potential into reality.

What happens next?

I have sent this 3-step action plan to your email, so that you have all the resources and links available any time you need them. I will also be sending you a free workbook to help you create effective sleep routines, form new habits, or simply get some inspiration and motivation and make so much progress over the next few months, so keep a lookout for that!

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