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Grow beyond what you ever thought possible is going to happen.

Here is how…

You’re dipping your toes in the waters of healthy lifestyle, sleep health, and well-being and though it might feel a little scary, you’re so ready to dive in!

While everything might feel a little confusing and overwhelming right now, you have everything it takes to make it and success in this area is yours for the taking.

Now you just need to get clear on where you need to start and what action steps you should take first.

There are so many options that you can start applying right now and I’m excited to share them with you along with a plan for you to get started.

Let’s get started


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The amazing Frank Sonnenberg once said ”Know what matters most to you and be unwilling to compromise those priorities at almost any price.”

Sometimes we are so caught up in the lives of other people that we forget about our needs, dreams and desires. We want to fulfil other people’s requirements while putting ourselves last. This might sound a little harsh, but you are here to live your life and that is all that matters. When your dreams and goals are fulfilled and you are satisfied with your life, that’s when you can make a huge impact and help others.

Here we are going to focus on YOU and WHAT YOU TRULY WANT AND NEED.

Action to take:

Take the 5 WHY exercise to understand what your ideal life would be. Think about your health and sleep habits when filling out the worksheet. Why do you wake up exhausted every morning? What could be the reason you cannot fall asleep at night? Write everything down and dig deep. Identifying the root cause is the first step to take so we can work towards improvement.

Click here to access a free worksheet for this exercise.


Habits create our reality. A habit is something that you do daily without really thinking about it. The habits you form, like brushing your teeth or maintaining a healthy life, your habits become a considerable part of your routine that they ultimately become who you are. The best thing about habits is that if you don’t like them or they are not working for you, you can change them.

Ideally, you want to learn how to take actions without even thinking about them. You want to implement them seamlessly into your routines, into your life.This process of automatization is very important for staying consistent and stick to your habits no matter what.You do not go to sleep without brushing your teeth because you have already automated that process, you no longer have to think about it and remind yourself to do it.

And you want to implement those new habits that make sense for you and your lifestyle – whether that is to go to sleep earlier, setting an evening calming routine or exercising to promote a better sleep quality.

Action to take:

Watch this video about building new habits: ATOMIC HABITS

Use the time worksheet. Track your daily activities in this tracker and evaluate which of these are the important ones that will help you grow, and which are the activities that you would like to avoid in your daily routine because they are not really serving you. Can you identify any routine you do daily that might interfere negatively with your sleep? What could you substitute this activity with? Remember, it can be a small action that you start doing every single day until it becomes your automatic reality. Small actions have impact! So, don’t be too hard on yourself. 

Click here to access a free worksheet for this exercise.


Timing of our sleep cycle is extremely important when we want to change the quality of our sleep.The best thing you can do for yourself and your body and mind (and sleep) is to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Every single day (yes, also the weekends). You want to work with you inner circadian clock and not against it.Here, you will learn how to work with those circadian rhythms, because everything that happens in our body is regulated by our inner clock. Each and every process. So why not use this inner clock to your advantage and improve not only your sleep but other aspects of your health? Going to sleep and waking up at the same time every day can make wonders.So how do you know when it is the best time for you to go to sleep and to wake up?

Keep reading!

Action to take:

Use the sleep calculator on my website to identify what is the best time for you to go to sleep based on your preferred wake up time. Stick to the plan most of the time (even on your off days).  Make timing your priority, because I swear, it will change your life.

Click here to get access to the sleep calculator.



Meet Lucie

Sleep coach and a pharmacist, lover of good quality music, reading and exploring new placed and cultures. Also, a former trouble sleeper. ..

Hey you...

Thanks for taking the quiz. I am so happy you are here and I cannot wait to see you bring your brilliant future into being!

I have been on this journey for over 5 years but it has not always been fun, purposeful, or fulfilling in the slightest. In fact it has been full of ups and downs – can you relate?

I finally created a coaching program that helps stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted women, where I can help them to improve their sleep quality, after dreaming about it for years. Helping women like me and you get a restful sleep and help them achieve their dream life is what I live for.

My mission is to help women to feel energised and empowered so they can achieve all their dreams and goals and be independent human being who can rely on themselves. It is time to turn your brilliant potential into reality.

What happens next?

I have sent this 3-step action plan to your email, so that you have all the resources and links available any time you need them. I will also be sending you a free cheatsheet to help you create effective sleep routines, form new habits, or simply get some inspiration and motivation and make so much progress over the next few months, so keep a lookout for that!

To your restful nights and

bright future,