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    how does click and grow work
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    Smart Indoor Garden Review: How Does Click and Grow Work

    Hey, my fellow green thumbs and fresh food enthusiasts! 

    Have you ever wished you could just pluck some fresh herbs or munch on some leafy greens straight from your kitchen, no matter the season? 

    Well, let me introduce you to Click & Grow, an innovative indoor garden that’s like a capsule coffee machine, but for plants! 

    In this post, I’ll break down how this nifty device turns your small spaces into a lush paradise with minimal effort. 

    Let’s dig in!

    how does click and grow work

    Want to learn more about this garden? Click HERE to see their website.

    Table of Contents

    The Click & Grow Philosophy

    You might be wondering, “What’s all the fuss about?” Well, let me paint you a picture. Imagine waking up to a little oasis of fresh herbs, juicy cherry tomatoes, and lush green lettuce, all basking in the gentle glow of a grow light right in your kitchen. That’s the dream that Click & Grow has turned into a reality for folks like us.

    Inspired by NASA technology and driven by a passion for sustainability, Mattias Lepp, the founder of Click and Grow, set out to create an indoor garden that anyone could use, regardless of their green thumb status.

    The Click & Grow philosophy is all about bringing the joy and benefits of gardening into every home. It’s about making clean, fresh, and nutritious food accessible and affordable to everyone, everywhere.

    What is Click & Grow?

    Alright, let’s get down to the root of it all—what exactly is Click & Grow? 

    Let’s break down what makes Click & Grow stand out:

    • Compact & Sleek: Fits right on your countertop, blending in with your kitchen appliances.

    • Set-It-And-Forget-It: Just like your trusty coffee machine, it’s incredibly user-friendly.

    • Smart Soil Pods: These are the heart of the system, featuring:
      • patented nano-material: Inspired by NASA to ensure your plants get the right nutrients.
      • Balanced pH: Automatically keeps soil conditions perfect.
      • Oxygenated: Tiny pockets in the soil let plant roots breathe easily.

    • LED Grow Light: An overhead light that:
      • Mimics natural sunlight.
      • Promotes healthy plant growth.
      • Is energy-efficient, keeping your electricity bill in check.

    • Self-Watering: The water tank:
      • Holds enough water for weeks.
      • Is low maintenance—just refill as needed.
    click and grow review
    Click And Grow Smart Indoor Garden

    What can you grow

    The Click & Grow system supports a diverse array of plant life, offering you the chance to grow a variety of fresh and flavorful produce indoors.

    Here’s a glimpse into the world of plants you can cultivate:

    Leafy Greens

    • Lettuce: Crisp and fresh, perfect for salads.
    • Kale: Rich in iron and vitamin C and great for salads, smoothies, or cooking.
    • Arugula: Peppery flavor that adds a kick to any dish.
    • Pak Choi: Tender and tasty, ideal for stir-fries.


    • Basil: Aromatic and essential for pesto or Italian dishes.
    • Mint: Refreshing for drinks or as a garnish.
    • Cilantro: Zesty and vital for salsas and Asian cuisine.
    • Parsley: Versatile for garnishing and flavoring a multitude of recipes.


    • Strawberries: Sweet and juicy, perfect for desserts or snacking.
    • Tomatoes: A garden staple, great for salads, sauces, and more.

    You also grow your own seeds: Get creative and plant whatever you like!


    • Petunias: Colorful and cheerful, they brighten any room.
    • Marigolds: Known for their vibrant colors and pest-repellent properties.

    Chili Peppers

    • Chili Pepper Plant Pods: Add some spice to your life by growing hot chili peppers, which can enhance your dishes with heat and flavor. Not only are they a culinary delight, but chili peppers can also help the body cope with heat and pain.

    I currently own two gardens (The Smart Garden 9 and The Smart Garden 3, so cute!) and have planted these plants:

    Getting Started with Your Indoor Herb Garden

    Creating your own indoor herb garden with Click & Grow is simple and fun.

    Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started:

    Step 1: Unbox and Assemble Your Click & Grow

    • Open your Click & Grow package.
    • Carefully remove the garden unit, power adapter, and seed pods.
    • Assemble any parts according to the instructions—usually, this just involves setting up the lamp arm.
    how does click and grow work
    How does Click and Grow work

    Step 2: Insert the Smart Soil Pods

    • Take the seed pods out of their packaging.
    • Place each pod into the cavities of the Click & Grow garden.
    • Ensure they’re seated well so the pods can properly wick up water.

    Step 3: Fill the Water Reservoir

    • Locate the water tank in your Click & Grow garden.
    • Fill it up to the indicated mark with clean, preferably filtered water.
    • Remember, this water will last for weeks, so quality matters!

    Step 4: Connect to Power and Turn On the Light

    • Plug in the power adapter to your Click & Grow and then into an outlet.
    • The LED grow light will turn on automatically — it should illuminate your seed pods.
    • The light typically operates on a timer, simulating the day/night cycle. (I believe it is on for 16 hours)

    Step 5: Place Your Garden in an Ideal Location

    • Find a spot that’s out of direct sunlight to avoid overheating.
    • Ensure it’s a place where you can enjoy watching your herbs grow!

    Step 6: Monitor and Maintain

    • Keep an eye on the water level and refill as needed.
    • Watch for the first sprouts—this is an exciting moment!
    • Remove the dome from the pods once your seedlings touch it.

    Step 7: Harvest and Enjoy

    • Once your herbs have grown, you can start to harvest.
    • Always snip or pinch off what you need, allowing the plants to continue growing.

    Step 8: Cleaning and Replanting

    • After harvesting your herbs, you can clean the unit.
    • Purchase new pods or use your own seeds to start the process again.
    click and grow pods
    Click And Grow Pods – Placing the pod in the smart indoor garden

    The Growth Journey: From Seed Pods to Fresh Herbs

    The journey from seed pod to fresh herbs in your Click & Grow system is a fascinating process that combines nature’s wisdom with technological innovation.

    Here’s what you can expect during the growth journey:

    Starting with Seed Pods

    • Insertion: Begin by inserting the pre-seeded plant pods into the cavities of your Click & Grow garden. These pods contain seeds embedded in the smart soil, which provides the ideal growing conditions.

    • Germination: In the first few days to a week, the seeds will germinate. The smart soil and controlled environment ensure that the seeds have the optimal temperature and moisture levels to sprout.

    The Seedling Stage

    • Growth: As the seedlings emerge, they will start to use the light from the LED system to photosynthesize and grow.

    • Thinning: If multiple seedlings sprout from one pod, you may need to thin them, leaving the strongest plant to ensure it has enough space and resources.

    Vegetative Growth

    • Foliage Development: Over the next few weeks, your herbs will develop a robust foliage system. The Click & Grow garden’s LED lights are timed to provide the perfect amount of light each day.

    • Watering: The self-watering system will wick the necessary water to the roots, but you should still monitor the water tank and refill it as needed.

    Maturation and Harvesting

    • Maturity: Herbs typically reach maturity and are ready for their first harvest in about 3 to 4 weeks, depending on the variety.

    • Continuous Harvest: With most herbs, you can harvest by snipping off what you need, and the plant will continue to grow, providing you with a continuous supply.

    • Full Cycle: After a few months, the plant will complete its life cycle. You can then replace the pod to start the process anew with the same or different plants.

    Enjoying Your Harvest

    • Freshness: Use the herbs fresh to enjoy their full flavor and nutritional benefits.

    • Cooking and Garnishing: Incorporate your freshly grown herbs into a variety of dishes, from garnishes to key ingredients in your cooking.

    The Technology Behind Click & Grow

    Click & Grow’s innovation is not just about growing plants indoors—it’s about how it optimizes the entire process.

    Here’s a peek at the technology that makes it all work:

    • Smart Soil: This is the foundation of the Click & Grow system. The smart soil is a sponge-like material that holds water and gradually releases nutrients to the plants, ensuring they receive the exact amount they need to thrive. It’s designed to keep the pH levels balanced and provide superior aeration for the roots.

    • Built-In Sensors: These monitor the garden’s conditions, ensuring that the plants have the optimal levels of water, oxygen, and nutrients.

    • LED Lighting: The Click & Grow gardens come with a built-in, energy-efficient LED light that provides the plants with a full spectrum of light, mimicking natural sunlight and promoting photosynthesis even in the darkest rooms.

    • Automatic Watering: The system’s water tank is large enough to provide the plants with a steady supply of moisture, reducing the need for frequent watering. The smart soil wicks up the right amount of water to the plants, preventing both under and over-watering.

    • Modular Design: Many Click & Grow models come with a modular design, allowing you to expand your garden by connecting multiple units together. This scalability means you can grow as many plants as your space allows.

    • Mobile App: With some models, you can pair your smart garden with a mobile app that provides you with tips, notifications for when to add water, and other useful guidance to ensure your garden is successful.
    click and grow smart garden
    Click And Grow Indoor Garden – Labeling the pods

    The Benefits of Click & Grow

    Embracing the Click & Grow system for your indoor gardening needs comes with a bouquet of benefits that cater to health, convenience, and sustainability.

    Here’s why Click & Grow is more than just a garden on your countertop:

    Freshness at Your Fingertips

    • Nutrient-Rich Produce: Enjoy herbs, fruits, and vegetables that are packed with nutrients, as they’re harvested right when you need them.

    • No Pesticides: The smart soil technology eliminates the need for harmful pesticides, giving you cleaner, healthier plants.

    Ease of Use

    • Low Maintenance: Forget about daily watering and weeding. Click & Grow takes care of the hard work, so you don’t have to.

    • Automatic Reminders: Some models connect to an app that reminds you when to water or add nutrients, so your plants never miss a beat.

    Educational Value

    • Learning Experience: It’s a great way to teach kids (and adults) about plant life cycles and the importance of sustainable practices.

    • Engagement: Watching plants grow from seeds to harvest can be a rewarding and engaging experience for the whole family.

    Design and Efficiency

    • Space-Saving: The compact design makes it perfect for small spaces like apartments or offices.

    • Energy Efficient: LED lights consume less energy than traditional grow lights, making them kinder to your electricity bill and the environment.


    • Reduced Food Waste: Harvest what you need, when you need it, leading to less food spoilage and waste.

    • Eco-Friendly: By growing your own produce, you’re reducing the carbon footprint associated with transporting food from farm to table.

    Versatility and Choice

    • Variety: With a wide range of plant pods available, you can grow everything from basil to strawberries, regardless of the season.

    • Experimentation: The option to use your own seeds means you can try growing almost anything your heart (or taste buds) desires.

    Mental Wellbeing

    • Stress Relief: The act of caring for plants and connecting with nature can be a calming and therapeutic activity.

    • Aesthetic Appeal: Adding a touch of greenery to your living space can brighten your home and mood.
    click and grow review
    How does Click and Grow work – my new Smart 3 garden

    Maintenance: Taking Care of Your Garden with Ease

    Maintaining your Click & Grow indoor garden is designed to be as effortless as possible.

    Here’s how you can keep your garden flourishing with minimal effort:

    Regular Watering

    • Check Water Levels: The Click & Grow garden’s water tank holds enough water to last for weeks, but it’s still important to check the water level regularly and refill when necessary.

    • Water Quality: Use clean, preferably filtered water to prevent mineral buildup and ensure the health of your plants.

    Pruning and Harvesting

    • Pruning: Occasionally, you may need to prune your plants to encourage fuller growth and prevent any one plant from overshadowing another.

    • Harvesting: Harvest your plants regularly to promote new growth and enjoy the freshest flavors.

    Light Management

    • LED Lights: The LED lights are designed to last and provide the right spectrum of light, but make sure they are working correctly and replace them if necessary.

    • Cleaning: Keep the lights clean from dust for maximum efficiency and light penetration.

    Cleaning the Unit

    • Regular Cleaning: Wipe down the exterior of the Click & Grow garden with a damp cloth to keep it looking new.

    • Post-Harvest: After you’ve harvested your plants, clean the cavities and the water tank before inserting new pods to prevent any mold or algae growth.

    Plant Health Checks

    • Monitor Growth: Keep an eye on your plants for any signs of disease or pests. The closed system and smart soil help prevent most issues, but it’s still good practice to be vigilant.

    • Remove Unhealthy Plants: If a plant looks like it’s struggling, it’s better to remove it to prevent any potential spread of disease to other plants.

    Replacing Pods

    • Rotation: After your plants have completed their life cycle, replace the pods with new ones to keep your garden productive.

    • Experimentation: Feel free to experiment with different plant pods or even your own seeds to discover what grows best for you.

    App Assistance

    • Use the App: If your Click & Grow model is app-compatible, use it to receive reminders and tips for watering and taking care of your plants.
    smart indoor garden
    How does Click and Grow work

    Customizing Your Click & Grow Experience

    Personalizing your Click & Grow indoor garden allows you to tailor the experience to your preferences and lifestyle.

    Creating a truly personalized indoor garden with your Click & Grow system can be achieved by planting your own choice of seeds.

    Here’s a brief guide on how to infuse your garden with a bit of personal flair:

    Selecting Seeds

    • Favorite Varieties: Choose seeds of your favorite herbs, vegetables, or flowers that aren’t available as pre-seeded pods from Click & Grow.

    • Heirloom Seeds: Consider planting heirloom varieties for unique flavors and characteristics.

    • Local Seeds: Use seeds from local plants that are well-adapted to your area for potentially better growth.

    Using Grow Anything Pods

    Purchase Blank Pods
    : Click & Grow offers “Grow Anything” pods that allow you to plant your own seeds. These come with smart soil and the same wicking system as the pre-seeded pods.

    Planting: Place a few seeds in the center of the pod, cover lightly with soil, and insert the pod into your Click & Grow garden.


    Keep Track: It’s important to label your “Grow Anything” pods, especially if you’re growing multiple varieties, to keep track of what’s growing where.

    Click and Grow Smart Garden 9
    How does Click and Grow work – Smart Garden 3 and Smart Garden 9

    Cost and Sustainability: Electricity Bill and Materials

    When considering the integration of a Click & Grow system into your home, it’s important to evaluate both the cost implications and the sustainability of the materials used.

    Here’s a breakdown of what to expect:

    Electricity Bill Considerations

    • Energy Efficiency: Click & Grow gardens are designed with energy efficiency in mind. The LED lights used to stimulate plant growth consume minimal electricity, which should have a negligible impact on your electricity bill.

    • LED Lifespan: The long lifespan of LED lights means that you won’t need to replace them as frequently as traditional bulbs, contributing to lower long-term costs.

    Materials and Sustainability

    • Biodegradable Pods: Many of the plant pods are biodegradable, which reduces waste and is better for the environment.

    • Recyclable Components: Look for parts of the Click & Grow system that are recyclable. Proper disposal and recycling can help minimize environmental impact.

    • Smart Soil: The smart soil is designed to provide nutrients efficiently to the plants, reducing the need for additional fertilizers and enhancing sustainability.

    Long-Term Cost Benefits

    • Reduced Grocery Bills: Growing your own herbs and vegetables can lead to savings on your grocery bill, as you’ll have a supply of fresh produce readily available.

    • Less Food Waste: By harvesting only what you need, you can reduce food waste, which is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

    Investment in Health

    • Nutritional Value: Freshly grown produce from your Click & Grow garden can be more nutrient-rich than store-bought alternatives, which often lose nutritional value during transport and storage.

    • Organic Growth: Growing your own plants means you can ensure they are free from harmful pesticides and chemicals, contributing to better health and well-being.
    click and grow vegetables
    How does Click And Grow work – Tomatoes

    Conclusion: Why Click & Grow is More Than Just an Indoor Gardening System

    Click & Grow transcends the concept of indoor gardening, merging convenience with sustainability. It’s a system that not only provides fresh, nutritious produce but also educates and promotes environmental stewardship.

    With its smart technology and customizable features, Click & Grow empowers individuals to cultivate a greener lifestyle, making it a valuable investment for both personal well-being and the planet.

    Additional Resources 

    For those interested in starting their own Click & Grow journey or expanding their existing smart garden, here are some resources to help you get started:

    • Explore Click & Grow: Discover the full range of Click & Grow products and find the perfect smart garden for your space by visiting their website through my affiliate link: Click & Grow.
    • Exclusive Discount: Use my promo code LUCIE at checkout to enjoy a special discount on your Click & Grow purchase.

    These resources are designed to enhance your Click & Grow experience and offer savings while you contribute to a community of indoor gardening enthusiasts.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the benefits of having indoor gardens?

    Indoor gardens allow you to grow your own plants and produce, regardless of outdoor weather conditions, creating a perfect environment for year-round gardening. They’re a popular choice for those looking to enjoy fresh, home-grown produce in the comfort of their own home.

    Can I use regular soil in my Click & Grow’s smart garden?

    Click & Grow’s smart gardens are designed to work with a special growth medium known as smart soil, which optimizes the nutrient system and water distribution for your plants. It’s recommended to use the smart soil or similar soil cartridges designed for these systems rather than regular soil.

    How do I grow wild strawberries in my smart garden?

    To grow wild strawberries, start by inserting the seed pods or little biodegradable plant pods into your smart garden. Ensure the plastic dome is in place to create a greenhouse effect, which helps the seeds germinate. Follow the care instructions provided by the smart garden for the best results.

    What is the purpose of the plastic dome that comes with my plant cups?

    The plastic dome acts like a mini greenhouse, trapping moisture and warmth to help the seeds germinate and providing a nurturing environment for your little plants, such as mini tomatoes or dwarf peas.

    I’m using a smart garden for the first time. What’s the first thing I should do?

    The first thing to do is familiarize yourself with the smart garden’s features, such as the water level indicator, lighting systems, and how to insert the plant cups. Download the grow app if available for additional guidance and tips on the care of plants.

    How do I take care of plants in my smart garden?

    Taking care of plants in a smart garden involves ensuring they have enough water and nutrients, which is often simplified by the garden’s automatic systems. Regularly check the water level, prune your plants as needed, and make sure plants receive adequate light, either from the built-in lighting systems or natural sources.

    Are the materials used in Click & Grow’s smart garden renewable?

    Click & Grow strives to use renewable materials wherever possible. The smart soil blocks, for example, are often made from renewable sources, contributing to the sustainability of the product.

    How often should I expect to add new plants to my smart garden?

    The frequency of adding new plants to your smart garden depends on the growth cycles of the plants you’re cultivating. Some herbs like basil may be ready to harvest in just a couple of weeks, while others like tomato plants may take longer. Once you harvest your plants, you can replace them with new plant cups to keep your garden continuously productive.

    What types of plants can I grow in a hydroponic garden?

    Hydroponic gardens are versatile and can support a wide variety of plants. Popular choices include leafy greens like rainbow chard, flavorful herbs, dwarf peas, and even edible flowers. Most indoor gardening kits will provide a selection of seed pods to get you started.

    Is it possible to grow coffee pods in my smart herb garden?

    While coffee plants can be grown indoors, they are not typically suited for small-scale smart herb gardens due to their size and growth requirements. However, there are many other herbs and small plants that are perfect for these types of indoor systems.

    How does a hydroponic system differ from using regular soil?

    Hydroponic systems use a nutrient-rich water solution to grow plants without soil. This method allows for more precise control over the nutrients and water the plants receive, often resulting in faster growth and higher yields compared to regular soil.

    What should I look for in an indoor smart garden’s lighting system?

    Look for lighting systems that mimic natural sunlight, have an automatic timer to ensure your plants get the right amount of light each day, and are energy efficient.

    How much water do my indoor plants need in a smart garden?

    Smart gardens typically come with a water level indicator that helps you ensure your plants receive the correct amount of water. The system’s nutrient solution and water are circulated to meet the needs of your plants, so you don’t have to worry about watering too much or too little.

    how does click and grow work

    how does click and grow work

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