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    40 Powerful ‘How to Be Single On Valentine Day’ Quotes

    Looking for some uplifting words for the upcoming Valentine’s day? Being single during this time doesn’t have to be lonely and depressing. I’ve prepared this blog post full of inspirational ‘How to Be Single On Valentine Day’ quotes so you can make this month more enjoyable whether it is by reading these quotes while drinking a hot chocolate or writing down some of these quotes during your journaling sessions. Check my latest blog post with even more quotes and affirmations related to February HERE. But now, make yourself that hot cacao, and let’s jump in! Table of Contents Funny ‘Single On Valentine Day’ Quotes’ Inspiring ‘Single On Valentine Day’ Quotes’…

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    10 Most Popular Gratitude Activities For Adults

    Practising gratitude can ultimately change your life. If you started focusing on gratitude activities every single day (even for 5 minutes) your perception of life will shift immensely. I promise. You will start appreciating those little things that are not so little though – you will realise the beauty of the ordinary. Suddenly, those things that you were complaining about will seem insignificant, and the people who were driving you crazy and their actions will feel like blessings. You will feel so rich with all you have and stop taking things for granted. So, how to cultivate gratitude and make your life better? Keep reading! What are the benefits of…

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