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    My Last Year Reflection: End-Of-Year Review on 2023

    Hey there!

    As the calendar flips its final pages, I find myself doing what I do every year – taking a moment to think about where I’ve been and where I’m headed (aka last year reflection). It’s not about making a bunch of resolutions I’ll forget by February, but setting up real, tangible goals that’ll stick to.

    In the spirit of keeping it real, I’ll be recounting the highs and lows, the lessons learned, and the experiences that have pointed me in exciting new directions. It’s just you and me, and the honest truth of a year gone by. 

    So, let’s chat about what it means to close one chapter and gently step into the next, shall we?

    Table of Contents

    My Blogging Journey, Pinterest Exploration, and Overcoming Challenges

    Starting a blog can feel like sending a message in a bottle out to sea. You hope it’ll find an audience, but there’s no guarantee. My blogging adventure began with a mix of hope and hesitation, especially as I joined the LK media blog challenge (created by Lukas and Lucka) and connected with the community. I must say, this challenge isn’t just about blogging; it’s also about building a network, sharing experiences, and learning from each other, which I find absolutely invaluable.

    The Early Days of Blogging

    Starting a blog is like whispering into a vast, empty hall and hoping your voice echoes. That’s how my blogging journey began. Picture me, a rookie blogger, fueled by enthusiasm but facing the daunting task of building an audience from scratch. It was a mix of excitement and ‘what on earth am I doing?

    Each blog post felt like a small victory, a tiny step into the vast world of digital storytelling. I wasn’t speaking to a crowd; sometimes, it felt like I was just speaking to myself. But isn’t that where all good things start? From musings about daily life to sharing the quirks of adapting to a new country, my blog became my digital diary, a record of my journey, open for the world to see – or at least for a few curious souls.

    A World of Inspiration on Pinterest

    Simultaneously, I discovered the power of Pinterest, not just as a source of inspiration but as a strategic tool for driving traffic to my blog. Pinterest became my visual storyboard, where each pin was carefully curated to resonate with my blog’s theme and attract like-minded readers. It was a game of strategy and creativity, learning the ropes of Pinterest marketing, understanding what catches the eye, and how to funnel that interest toward my blog.

    What I’ve Learned Along the Way

    1. Finding Your Digital Footprint: The blogging challenge was a lesson in digital presence, teaching me how to effectively communicate and connect in the online world.
    2. Pinterest as a Business Ally: Utilizing Pinterest for business purposes revealed the potential of social media beyond just sharing and liking—it’s a powerful tool for engagement and growth.

    Digital Creativity – Launching Digital Products

    Diving into the world of digital products has been like opening a door to a room full of possibilities I never knew existed. This year, I decided to channel my creative energy into something tangible (well, digitally tangible) and incredibly personal. I wasn’t just sharing thoughts through my blog anymore; I was putting together tools that could genuinely make a difference in someone’s day-to-day life. And so, my journey into creating a gratitude journal, a productivity planner, and a collection of self-love quotes began.

    5 minute gratitude journal

    From Idea to Reality

    The idea sparked from my own needs and experiences. I asked myself, “What tools would make my life better?” The answer was clear: something to cultivate gratitude, boost productivity, and foster self-love. That’s how the gratitude journal, productivity planner, and self-love quotes came into being. Each product was more than just an item; it was a piece of my journey, an offering of the lessons I’ve learned.

    The Creative Process

    Let’s be real, the process wasn’t all smooth sailing. It involved late nights, endless tweaking, and learning the ropes of design software (which, by the way, can be as tricky as trying to solve a Rubik’s cube in the dark). But every step, every challenge, was a part of the creative adventure. I learned about aesthetics, functionality, and the delicate balance between what looks good and what works well.

    productivity planner

    Bringing Them to Life

    Seeing the gratitude journal, productivity planner, and self-love quotes come to life was a moment of pure joy. It was like watching my digital babies take their first steps. The gratitude journal was designed to encourage daily reflection, the productivity planner to help organize the chaos of everyday life, and the self-love quotes to serve as gentle reminders of self-worth and care.

    P.S. I have also created several free products which are very popular – you can see them HERE.

    Lessons Learned

    1. Creativity Has Many Forms: This journey taught me that creativity isn’t limited to words or images; it can be a tool to help others lead better lives.
    2. Patience and Perseverance: Creating something from scratch requires patience and the willingness to keep going, even when things get tough.
    3. The Joy of Sharing: There’s a unique joy in creating something that others find valuable and helpful in their lives.
    self love quotes

    Fitness and Wellness – A Newfound Passion

    If you had told me a year ago that I would fall head over heels for a fitness routine, I might have laughed. But here I am, a newfound devotee of BodyPump, and it’s reshaped not just my body, but my approach to wellness.

    Discovering BodyPump

    It all started with a simple decision to try something new for my fitness goals. Enter BodyPump – a world where weights meet rhythm, and sweat meets satisfaction. From the first session, I was hooked. There’s something about the combination of music, movement, and a sense of shared struggle that makes it more than just exercise; it’s an exhilarating challenge. Each squat, press, and lift was a step toward a stronger me.

    End of year reflection answers

    More Than Just Physical Health

    BodyPump became more than a workout; it turned into a ritual. It wasn’t just about physical fitness; it was about carving out time for myself and dedicating those hours solely to my well-being. This commitment to fitness brought an unexpected benefit – it helped streamline my daily routine. Suddenly, I found myself managing my time better, cutting down on unproductive activities, and focusing more on what adds value to my life, like health and well-being.

    The Impact on My Life

    The journey with BodyPump has been transformative. It’s not just the physical strength I’ve gained; it’s the mental clarity and the discipline that came with it. Each session is a reminder that I’m capable of pushing boundaries and achieving goals, both in and out of the gym.

    Key Insights

    1. Fitness as a Lifestyle: BodyPump taught me that fitness is more than an activity; it’s a lifestyle choice that impacts every part of your day.
    2. The Power of Routine: Adopting this new fitness routine showed me how a structured approach to health can lead to less wasted time and more productive, quality moments.
    3. Wellness Beyond the Physical: This journey has been as much about mental and emotional well-being as it has been about physical health.

    Triumph Amidst Trials – Acing the IELTS

    During one of my year’s most challenging stretches, I achieved something that became a personal triumph – acing the IELTS with great results. Amidst the whirlwind of work, blogging, and personal upheavals, preparing for this exam was like clinging to a lifeline of normalcy. The hours of study, while exhausting, brought a sense of purpose and focus that was sorely needed. When the results came in, it wasn’t just about passing a test; it was a much-needed reminder of my resilience and capability, a beacon of success in a stormy period.

    my year end reflection
    Reality of IELTS preparation

    Key Takeaways

    1. Resilience is Key: This experience taught me that resilience is not just about enduring but also about finding strength in challenges.
    2. Preparation Pays Off: The rigorous preparation was worth every minute. It reinforced the idea that there are no shortcuts to success.
    3. Celebrating Small Victories: Passing the IELTS was a reminder to celebrate every achievement, big or small, especially when times are tough.

    The Art of Saying No – Setting Boundaries for a Healthier Me

    This past year has been a masterclass in a skill I never knew I needed so desperately – the art of saying ‘no’. It sounds simple, but for someone who’s always been a ‘yes’ person, learning to set boundaries has been nothing short of revolutionary for my work-life balance and mental health.

    Learning to Prioritize

    The journey began with a realization: I can’t do everything. Saying ‘yes’ to every request, every opportunity, felt like an obligation. But in doing so, I was stretching myself too thin, leading to burnout and stress. It was time to reassess my priorities, to understand that saying ‘no’ isn’t selfish; it’s necessary. It’s about respecting my time and my needs.

    The Impact on Work-Life Balance

    As I started to say ‘no’ – to unnecessary meetings, to last-minute demands, to social gatherings that drained rather than energized me – something amazing happened. I found more time for things that mattered: my health, hobbies, and spending quality time with loved ones. My work-life balance improved significantly, and so did my mental health. No longer overwhelmed by a relentless tide of commitments, I could breathe easier and focus better on both my personal and professional goals.

    A Year of Personal Growth

    This shift in mindset was a cornerstone of my personal growth over the year. Setting boundaries became synonymous with self-care. It was about making conscious choices that aligned with my well-being and long-term goals. Learning to say ‘no’ meant saying ‘yes’ to a healthier, more balanced life.

    Key Takeaways

    1. Saying No is Self-Care: I learned that saying ‘no’ can be a profound act of self-care and self-respect.
    2. Quality Over Quantity: By focusing on what truly matters, I found that the quality of my engagements, work, and relationships improved.
    3. Empowerment in Choice: There’s empowerment in choosing where to dedicate your energy and time.

    The Leap of Faith – Quitting My Job and Moving to Canada 

    There’s something both terrifying and exhilarating about making a decision that turns your world upside down. For me, that moment came when I decided to quit my job. Picture this: a regular day at the office, fluorescent lights buzzing overhead, and me, staring at the computer screen, realizing I was ready for a change.

    Why I Left

    It wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment decision. I’d been feeling the itch for a while—a nagging sense that I wasn’t where I was supposed to be. The job was okay but just okay. And in my heart, I knew I wanted more than just okay. I wanted to chase a life that made me jump out of bed in the morning, not one that had me hitting snooze.

    The Big Move

    Choosing Canada wasn’t random. I’ve always been drawn to its stunning landscapes and friendly culture. Plus, Calgary seemed like the perfect mix of urban life and nature. The idea of being close to the Rockies was thrilling. So, I took the plunge. I packed my bags, said my goodbyes, and embarked on what felt like the biggest adventure of my life.

    End of year reflection sample

    Settling In

    Settling in Calgary was a mix of excitement and challenges. The first few weeks were a whirlwind of finding a place, getting used to the city, and, yes, dealing with the paperwork (nobody warns you about the paperwork!). I had moments of doubt, wondering if I had made the right choice. But then I’d see the sun setting over the mountains, and it all felt worth it.

    last year review

    Lessons Learned

    1. Embrace the Unknown: The biggest lesson from this move was learning to embrace uncertainty. It’s scary but also incredibly liberating.
    2. Community Matters: Building a new network of friends and acquaintances was crucial. It helped me feel grounded and part of my new home.
    3. Be Kind to Yourself: There were tough days. On days I felt homesick or overwhelmed. I learned the importance of self-compassion during these transitions.
    year-end reflection essay

    My Goals for 2024: Setting the Course for a Fulfilling Year

    As I stand at the threshold of 2024, it’s time to chart the course for the year ahead. Reflecting on the past year’s growth and challenges, I’ve set my sights on a set of goals that are not just milestones but markers of a journey toward a more fulfilling life.

    Here’s what I’m aiming for in 2024:

    Helping People Through My Blog

    First and foremost, I want my blog to be more than just a collection of stories and insights. My goal is to make it a platform that genuinely helps people, whether it’s through practical advice, shared experiences, or simply being a source of inspiration. I envision a space where readers find value, support, and a sense of community.

    Joining Mediavine

    To reach a wider audience and take my blogging to the next level, I aim to get into Mediavine. This means not only increasing my blog’s traffic but also ensuring that the content is engaging, valuable and resonates with my readers. It’s a challenge I’m eager to tackle, as it aligns with my passion for blogging and my commitment to making it a significant part of my life.

    Achieving Canadian Permanent Residency

    One of my major personal goals is to secure a Canadian Permanent Residency. It’s not just about a change in status; it’s about planting roots in a place that I’ve grown to love, building a stable and secure future, and embracing the opportunities that come with being a permanent resident of this vibrant country.

    Fostering New Friendships

    Life’s experiences are enriched by the people we share them with. This year, I want to focus on fostering friendships, both strengthening the bonds I already have and building new ones. It’s about connecting, sharing, and growing together.

    Getting a Car

    A practical yet significant goal for me is to get a car. It represents freedom and independence, and it’s a step towards exploring more of what Canada has to offer. Whether it’s road trips, easier commutes, or spontaneous adventures, having a car opens up a new realm of possibilities.

    Completing My Pharmacy Degree Recognition

    Finally, a professional goal that’s close to my heart – completing the recognition of my pharmacy degree in Canada. This is more than just an academic pursuit; it’s about advancing my career, expanding my professional opportunities, and achieving a sense of accomplishment in my field.

    Each of these goals, while distinct, is interconnected, weaving together the personal, professional, and creative aspects of my life. They are not just objectives to be checked off but pathways to growth, fulfillment, and new adventures.

    Here’s to a 2024 full of possibilities, challenges, and achievements!

    last year reflection

    As I share my story with you, I hope it resonates, inspires, or simply offers a moment of connection. But now, I’d love to hear from you:

    • What have been your pivotal moments this past year?
    • What are your aspirations for 2024?

    Share your stories in the comments, or reach out through my blog. Let’s inspire each other as we embark on this journey of a new year filled with new hopes, challenges, and achievements. Together, let’s make 2024 a year to remember!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are some effective end-of-year reflection questions?

    Consider asking yourself about the most important things you learned, your biggest challenges, and your greatest achievements. Reflect on both your personal and professional life, and think about the positive changes you’ve made.

    How can I make my New Year’s resolutions stick throughout the whole year?

    Start by setting clear, achievable goals. Break down your resolutions into actionable steps and review them regularly. Keeping a bullet journal or setting regular reminders can help you stay on top of things.

    What’s the best way to conduct an annual reflection at the end of each year?

    Set aside some quiet time for deep reflection. Look back at your highs and lows, and consider what you’ve learned. Writing down your thoughts or discussing them with team members or friends can provide new insights.

    How can I use the end of the year to prepare for a fresh start?

    The end of a year is a natural opportunity to set new goals and let go of bad habits. It’s the perfect time to plan for the upcoming year and decide what your next steps will be.

    In what ways can reflecting on the previous year impact my upcoming year?

    Reflecting on the past year helps you understand what worked, what didn’t, and why. This understanding can guide your goal-setting and help you make more informed decisions in the new year.

    What should be my most important goal for the next year?

    Your most important goal should align with your personal ‘north star’ – your overarching purpose or ambition. It should be something that brings you closer to the bigger picture of your life.

    How can I reflect on my career path and professional life at the end of the year?

    Look back at your biggest career accomplishments and the lessons learned. Think about the new skills you’ve acquired, and plan how you can use them in the next step of your career.

    What’s a good way to review my personal relationships at the end of a year?

    Reflect on the quality of your interactions, the support you’ve given and received, and any changes you’d like to make. Consider how these relationships have impacted your personal growth and happiness.

    Are there any tools or methods to aid in the end-of-year reflection process?

    Bullet journals, reflection prompts, and digital apps can be helpful. Some people find that answering a set of structured questions or creating a vision board for the next year aids their reflection process.

    What’s the best memory of my year, and why is it important to reflect on good times?

    Reflecting on your best memory of the year helps you appreciate the positive aspects of your life. It can be a source of joy and motivation, reminding you of the good times even during challenging periods.

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