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9 Steps to Rebrand Your Bedroom: Transform Your Space Today

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“5 Steps to Rebrand Your Bedroom: Transform Your Space Today”

“5 Steps to Rebrand Your Bedroom: Transform Your Space Today”

What surrounds us has a huge impact on our emotions and mood. Imagine you were living in a messy cluttered room without fresh air. Now, change that picture completely, and put yourself in an airy and cozy room perfectly adjusted for relaxation and sleep.

You can probably agree that what we surround ourselves with affects our state immensely. And this applies to sleeping twice as much!

So how to turn your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary?

In today’s post, I want to walk you through 9 amazing bedroom tips for better sleep so you can fine-tune your sleep sanctuary (and not only that) and get the best sleep ever!

This is what we’ll cover in today’s post:

  1. Set a reminder for your wind-down routine
  2. Dim the lights in the room as much as possible
  3. Turn off electronic devices at least 30 minutes before going to sleep
  4. Cool down the temperature in the bedroom
  5. Get blackout curtains or use eye masks
  6. Tell your partner about your needs for a good sleep
  7. Use a comfy mattress and pillow
  8. Place a bottle of water close to the bed
  9. Use earplugs to reduce external disturbing elements

These strategies helped me extremely to improve my sleep, feel well-rested and be less dependent on caffeine the first thing after waking up.

So, let’s dive right in.

Set a reminder for your wind-down routine

Honestly, this was such a game-changer for my sleep. I set up my reminder for 9 PM because I like to go to sleep at around 10 PM. This gives me enough time to unwind and relax and start the evening rituals that put me in a calm and relaxed state and help me to get a restful sleep.

I recommend just setting the reminder on your phone and once it appears on your screen, stop doing whatever you were doing and focus on the evening routine only.

Dim the lights in the room as much as possible

I like to apply this tip when the sun gets down. I am a lover of a cozy environment so this was not too difficult for me (if you are the same you will become a pro in this!). Turn off the main lights in your apartment or house and keep just lamps or candles. Not only will this increase your melatonin production, which is crucial for good quality sleep, but also this atmosphere will make you feel calm and secure. Take your fav book and immerse yourself in your dearest blanket and enjoy this time for yourself.

Turn off electronic devices at least 30 minutes before going to sleep

Electronic devices emit short-wave blue light which suppresses our melatonin production and thus decreases the quality of our sleep. The best way to make sure our melatonin level is up is to simply turn off these devices. If you like to follow Youtube meditations in the evening, it is completely fine if you use that one device, but try to eliminate the other devices. There is one exemption to this. If you have feelings of unsafety and watching TV helps you to feel better, then it is absolutely fine if you watch it. Just make sure you avoid movies that are too stressful or disturbing.

Cool down the temperature in the bedroom

Setting the right temperature for the night of better sleep is crucial, yet underappreciated. To initiate sleep successfully, your body temperature must drop by 2 to 3°F or 1°C. This is the reason why it is much easier to fall asleep in a cooler room. Thermosensitive cells in our brain detect this temperature drop letting the center which controls circadian rhythms know that it’s time to secrete melatonin. (The production of melatonin is mainly dependent on light and temperature). And we want melatonin at night for better sleep! Try to aim for a room temperature of 65°F or 18.3°C to ensure the best sleep conditions. You can do that by opening windows, using air-conditioning, or cooling blankets or cooling systems.

Get blackout curtains or use sleep masks

Literally, any light (even the smallest one) can play a big role in our melatonin production. Ideally, we want to have the highest melatonin level at night and the lowest in the morning when the role is taken by another important hormone cortisol. Use blinds or blackout curtains to make sure your room is the darkest it can get (if you don’t feel safe in such an environment, then you can use a little light. Safety first!). If you are on a budget you can use a sleep mask which is a great alternative to blackout curtains.

Tell your partner about your needs for a good sleep

Communicate your needs, goals, and priorities to your partner. For example, if she or he likes to read a book at night ask them to use a book lamp. Or you can try to talk to them and suggest getting on this sleep journey with you. Accountability, support, and mutual motivation can make wonders. And it will not only improve your sleep, but your relationship would flourish as well!

Use a comfy mattress and pillow

Choosing the right mattress, pillow, and bedding for better sleep is a crucial step! I remember how many pillows I had tried to only find out that I do not need any for my sleep. However, if you need it, choosing the right pillow is so important. You want to use a comfy pillow that does not give you neck pain and that matches your preferred sleep position. The same applies to a mattress. The position we sleep in needs to be considered before we choose the right pillow and mattress (you want to avoid any sort of pain or joint distortions. Check my mattress guide on Instagram if you need help choosing the appropriate mattress for you.

Place a bottle of water close to the bed

How many times do I wake up during the night feeling so thirsty and then trying to navigate to the kitchen when it’s pitched dark everywhere? As you can tell, this is pretty dangerous as it might lead to falls and injuries. So my tip is to fill up a bottle with water and put it next to the bed before you go to sleep. Then if you have the urge to drink at night you can just simply get hydrated right from your bed.

Use earplugs to reduce external disturbing elements

I swear, earplugs have changed my sleep for all! I cannot imagine sleeping without them and when I forget them I just cannot get as great sleep as I normally do. If you are a light sleeper like me, this is an essential item for you. Trust me, it will change everything. You might have to try a couple of different earplugs at the beginning before you find the right fit, but it’s so worth it!


Wow! We are at the end! Hope you found these bedroom tips for better sleep useful!


….Now I wanna hear from you!

Let me know in the comments, which of the tips from today’s post are you going to try first.

Or maybe I didn’t mention one of your favorite tips. Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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