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10 Best Christmas gifts ideas for sleep lovers

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Christmas is slowly slowly coming close and if you don’t wanna be like me and leave everything last minute, it’s time to start planning. Let’s explore 10 best christmas gfts ideas for sleep lovers today!

You are thinking, I can just buy new pair of socks or give my husband perfume, but what about those gifts that make a huge impact on someone’s health, improve well-being and quality of life? Aren’t those the best presents you can give to someone? And they don’t have to be expensive.

I am bringing my top 10 Christmas gifts you can give to your closest ones and I swear by them. Of course, since my favorite topic is sleep these gifts help improve sleep and sleep habits and thus increasing energy and life quality. So let’s get into it.

1. Earplugs

This has to be my number one. I cannot imagine a night without earplugs. My sleep changes dramatically when I don’t have them or forget them. Have a look at these earplugs that you can fully customize to your ear (and the size of your ear). Not only cute but very effective.

2. White noise machine

If you or your partner hate the silence and you struggle to fall asleep, a white noise machine is a great tool that will help you to fall asleep faster and it is not proven that it would deteriorate sleep quality.

3. Pillow

If you know your partner needs a new pillow and you know what position that person sleeps (if not, check my guide on how to choose the right pillow) a comfy pillow can make a difference in the sleep that your partner will never forget. There are so many shapes and firmness levels that everybody can really choose from. And you can tell the difference right away based on the quality of the pillow.

4. Bedsheets

What is better than new comfy bedsheets where you can just sink yourself in and have the best rest ever? There is such a variety of different materials and patterns and literally, everyone needs bedsheets. A very practical gift with a huge impact on sleep and overall room atmosphere.

5. Oura ring

This gift is a bit more pricey than the other ones but it is a great fit for someone who is truly invested in their health and would like to track their sleep. Oura gives you a detailed analysis of your sleep quality and quantity so you know where you can make some tweaks to feel even better after a night s sleep.

christmas gifts for sleep lovers

6. Herbal tea

I am a huge fan of herbal tea as it helps me to stay calm, and relaxed. I usually start my evening routine with a nice lavender tea, but you can also opt for chamomilla or melissa tea which is a natural sedative.

7. Humidifier

The right room temperature is absolutely crucial for a good quality sleep and sometimes you don’t want to open the windows. A humidifier is a great alternative as it improves breathing and thus quality of sleep.

8. Mobile apps

If you don’t have a high budget but you still care about your other half’s health, you can absolutely recommend a mobile app that can improve sleep habits such as Sleep Town. There is also an app called Sleep cycle that tracks your sleep. Or you can consider subscription services for your partner to get more educated on the topic of sleep.

9. Weighted blanket

Weighted blankets work on the principle of deep pressure stimulation. (How to choose the right weighted blanket? – blog post). As a result hormones serotonin, and melatonin are increased and conversely, cortisol is decreased. This improves not only sleep but improves anxiety and stress symptoms. It is important to choose the right blanket based on the weight of the person, so when choosing this as a Christmas gift, you need to know the person’s weight.

10. Coaching

Sometimes, what other people need is guidance and accountability by someone who can challenge them and lead them to awaken the best version of themselves. I am currently offering a Christmas package for my coaching services which is an offer that shouldn’t be missed.

Wow! You made it until the end! And this is not an exhaustive list.

Please let me know in the comments which ”Christmas gifts ideas for sleep lovers” tip you are missing here.

Sleep tight!

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